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Regarding CVs in our database

Nordic Search Group will only receive and create CVs in our database on the basis of posted positions or if you are in process with us.

When we help our clients hire the most talented employees, we use a combination of Executive Search and Search. Our CV-Database is a vital source for this matter and therefore we are always interested in increasing our database with more qualified candidates.

This is done by allowing, as a potential candidate for one of our posted positions, us to create your profile in our database, and this happens when you send an application and CV to said contact person on the vacancy notice.

You can always be updated on our current job positions by following our Company Page

Nordic Search Group has a data policy and will always withhold this policy according to current legislation (May 2018). Upon receiving your CV, we will return with a purpose statement by which you will give your consent that the data processers (Nordic Search Group) are processing the following information about you:

  • Full name
  • Workplace
  • Position
  • Contact information: e-mail, phone number
  • CV and other documents

When your consent has been received, you will be registered in our data

Your personal information is kept compliant with current legislation in regards to the process of personal data. When you register your CV, you will accept that we are allowed to keep your personal data for 12 months. After 12 months you will be notified if we continuously are allowed to keep your data.

The information is exclusively collected and processed for the use of recruitment tasks for our clients and you can at any given time request your information to be deleted.

What rights does the General Data Protection Regulation give?

  • The right to be informed about personal data being collected/processed and used for electronic data processing
  • The right to ask for insight on what data about me that is being electronic processed
  • The right to object that the data is being electronic processed
  • The right to demand that the data is altered, deleted or blocked, if not correct, misleading or in other ways processed in violation with current legislation