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Spouse Service

Career Assistance for What’s Next

Relocations often fail when a dual-career spouse or partner is unable to find the right job in a new community or country. While you are working to make your employees’ transition successful, we empower spouses and partners to take the right steps in their career as well. Our coaches have the location- and industry-specific knowledge to maximize career opportunities and move careers forward. As you support partner career needs, you allow your employees to gain peace of mind at home, so they can be more focused and productive at work.

Program Overview

Stability and comfort go a long way during stressful transitions. This makes job search support a much-needed lifeline as the family navigates the relocation.
A coach who is familiar with the local area will help partners target specific industries and companies, overcome cultural nuances and develop a strong network in the new community. We allow individuals to start and stop their job search program as needed, giving them time to focus on the relocation while always having support available.

Your Plan for Relocation Acceptance and Success

With a program designed for your company, your transferees and their families will have an experienced team by their side before, during and after relocation. Our coaches bring industry expertise, local knowledge and personal insights from their own relocations. Together, we can increase acceptance rates and empower employees their families to integrate into their new lives quickly.